Saturday, June 2, 2007

season finales

Welcome back to my blog, those of you who read it! Summer has finally gotten into swing and I am starting to get used to my new work schedule, so I owe a long overdue update. Now this information may be tediously old hat for you, but I did want to give my input about some of the season finales that aired a couple of weeks ago.

Though not without their flaws, the last few episodes of this season have been outstanding. I felt more like the fangirl that I was during the first two seasons when I found myself scouring the internet for screencaps and theories about certain events that came into play, and from my discussions with other losties, I am not the only one. A lot of people stopped watching after the first few mediocre episodes of the season, and I feel so bad for them. Now is my chance to get excited all over again about some of the things they missed out on. Firstly there was Jacob, whose eleven frames onscreen reminded me so much of the creepy masterpiece "Carnivale" that used to be on HBO. Then there's the further layers of the societies on and off the island, with dharma, and natives, and the lesbians (probably) in the new hatch. Of course, Desmond's foresight and the resulting Charlie storyline raise a whole plethora of questions to add to the preexisting ones for the next few seasons (four-toed statue, anyone?). But smoothing over the many other questions I have about the last few episodes (people who don't age, John freaking Locke), let me just say, "WALT! WAAAAAAAAALT!" omg walt lolz

Grey's Anatomy
Guuuuuuuuh... this season finale was such a letdown after the stellar endings to the first two seasons. Lady Grey, M.D., III seems like such an unecessary addition to this show which is already starting to mire itself in useless quagmires. I think the show really shot itself in the foot when Izzie and George did the thing that must not be named, and I am holding on to some very strained hope that it can recover next season. I had a feeling that Burke was going to get written out of the show somehow, and I suppose it makes sense that he'd be the one to leave the relationship with Cristina, but it was done in such a depressing way. I'm long past caring about the Mer/Der dynamic, but when the only hope for happiness that any of the characters had is gone, what is going to want to make the audience of the once-bubbly show keep tuning in? I couldn't understand what the reasoning was behing any of the chief of surgery / chief resident decisions were, though Chandra Wilson and T.R. Knight's interaction was very well done. They have always had good onscreen chemistry. The saving grace of the episode was the final scene when Meredith cut off Cristina's dress for her, and hugged her so tight, her best friend falling apart from the weight of her freedom. Their relationship has always been my favorite on the show, and I liked that they were holding each other up there at the end.

The Office
I've already said most of what needs to be said about the amazing progress of this show, but the season finale tonight cemented it in my opinion as an American TV classic in the making. As far as Jim and Pam go...I always want them to make it, no matter how hot and hip and smart Rashida Jones is. It bears repeating that fans of the UK Office will beware a romantic denouement, as it seems unlikely to stay strong as long as the show continues. I'm so glad Jim's cojones grew back, though. And I wish that I could be linked on even if it is only a Word document open on Creed's computer. Also - for looking directly in the camera in the way that you did, B.J. Novak, you are my American Idol.

Because of the excellent way in which next season's villain was teased, I thought it was a little bit of a letdown that Sylar didn't die at the end. I mean, it's a smart move to hang onto him just in case things get a little weak down the line, but it was just such a transparent move. I was very glad to see Nathan's character fleshed out more in this episode, and I must say I can't wait to find out what crazy stuff Mama Petrelli can do! Hiro and Ando did not disappoint in their interactions, and the final scene with Hiro was beautifully suspenseful. Though it's not my favorite show on television, I look forward to continuing to have fun with it next season.


Mike Spoodles said...

I agree with your thoughts on Heroes. The Sylar end was vaguely underwhelming (although very comic-booky).

I kind of hope they don't overdo the "flash-forward" thing on Lost. Every person they show off the island is another person rendered "safe" for the rest of the series. There are no stakes on the lives of Jack or Kate anymore--not that it makes them less interesting, but it removes a bit of tension from what will be the remaining 48 episodes of the series.

Keep writing! I'm enjoying it.

Movie Maven said...

i stumbled upon your blog whilst seeking a poster image for waitress...i'm not really sure how i got here, but i just HAD TO SAY that BJ Novak KILLED me - KILLED - with that look. my roommates and i watched it, like, six more times. and he's in knocked up, briefly! anyway, great blog!

Kat said...

Glad you're both enjoying my blog! Spoods, I totally get what you mean about "no stakes" in Lost. What a bummer...