Monday, October 22, 2007

across the universe, pt. 2

Just a couple of things I found on Wikipedia and wanted to add to yesterday's discussion of Across the Universe:

1. Evan Rachel Wood and Across the Universe co-star, Jim Sturgess are reported to be involved in Spiderman the Musical, the upcoming Julie Taymor Broadway production. Music for the show will be composed and written by Bono and The Edge, of the band U2.

2. I did buy the soundtrack for the movie, and highly recommend it. It's a nice change from listening to the same versions of Beatles songs over and over. I do wish "With a Little Help From My Friends" and "Dear Prudence" were included on it, though.

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Anonymous said...

The deluxe version of the Soundtrack has all the songs from the film on it. I'd return the version you bought and by the deluxe one.