Saturday, December 22, 2007

holiday in the sun

So, as faithful readers of my blog will know (hi, dad), I take little mini-vacations from posting from time to time. This is another one of them. I went to the midnight showing of Sweeney Todd the other night, and I fully intend to write about it in the next day or two, but alas, I am back at my parents' house where I have exponentially less (does the word "exponentially" work in a diminutive sense, even figuartively?) access to internet time. Also, in a couple of days I will be leaving for a month-long vacation! I'm going to be heading back to the ol' stomping grounds of Sydney, and also visiting Brisbane and Melbourne. Screw you, winter! Lucky charmed me did get a pocket PC for Christmas (phone with internet), so I will be trying to update on the 2nd run movies I see on the plane, etc. Anyway, in case I don't, because I'm too busy, you know, impressing foxy Aussie lifeguards with my pale winter skin, while cuddling a koala and eating a meat pie, then you'll have to wait until January for some updates. Happy Christmas, folks!

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