Thursday, May 22, 2008

the reckoning

Hello friends,

So guess what? I have barely blogged all semester. And what a semester! My final few months of college, and even with my thesis completed, I still found myself so incredibly busy that I had pretty much no time to see any movies, let alone write about the movies I wasn't seeing. How unfortunate, really, that my two-days-a-week internship at Universal Pictures Production/Development took up so much time that I (pretty much) never found my way to the cineplex. In theaters, in the past few months, I saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, There Will Be Blood, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Baby Mama, not in that order. In my personal enrichment goals, I watched On the Beach, It Happened One Night, and From Here to Eternity.

There Will Be Blood was so good, and made such an impact on me, that I'm not even going to try to blog about it's awesomeness now months after watching it. Miss Pettigrew was good, and a great showcase of talent, but felt much better suited to be a stageplay than a film. Forgetting Sarah Marshall fit in so well to my recent obsession with Jason Segel, and I really appreciated it as a funny and warm movie for men and women. Baby Mama, starring my favorite lady laffers (reading the trades has made me appreciate horrid jargon like "laffers" and "biz," and especially "Alphabet" as the worst abbreviation for the ABC network ever) was...sweet. But altogether not as funny as I'd hoped it would be. On the Beach and From Here to Eternity were both, obviously, excellent films. Maybe the only time I've ever liked Frank Sinatra, and wonderful performances from Gregory Peck and Ernest Borgnine, who've never let me down. It Happened One Night, though, really struck my fancy. It was funny, and charming, and sucked me in the whole way through. It was probably Clark Gable's sultry man-nips that did it, too, let's be honest.


So, now, as of last Saturday, I am a college graduate! I have a B.A. in Literature and Film Studies, and I received honors for both of my majors. It was a very exciting day to be sitting in a black plastic bag for 2.5 hours in 105 degree heat. And here I am, educated, unemployed, and a sprightly 20 years old, to boot. Word. I'm staying at my internship for a little while longer, which has been incredible. Sometimes, in the pensive ennui of the educated young bourgeois state of mind, I worry that I'm going into a career where not only will I not make much money (yet), but I'm not really doing anything huge to save the world (yet), but when I come to work it's all so terribly exciting and I get really revved up about doing this sort of thing for the next many years.
So now, get ready, as there is a flurry of new blogs on their way!

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