Thursday, February 14, 2008

big gay carnival

Monday night found me in attendance with a gaggle of other 'hags at the Mika concert at the Wiltern. As expected, the audience was roughly 70% gay men, 25% female hangers-on, and 5% preteen girls who think they just might have a chance with the Lebanese-English hottie. I went to the concert on the arm of my best 'mo, and it was the perfect date night. Music. Dancing. Mindblowing stage effects!

I appreciate Mika's Life in Cartoon Motion album as a camp-tastic disc to dance to, bolstered by incredible vocals, and refreshingly poetic lyrics (better than Madonna or Kylie). Seeing him perform live, though, made it so that I can barely listen to the CD anymore without being wholly underwhelmed. Mika's presence as a musician clearly has so much to do with the imaginative visual implications of his lyrics, as much as it has to do with the music itself. Everything from giant balloon women, rain of glitter, a Carnival dancer, an oversized Dia de Los Muertos puppet, and a silhouette tableau of anthropomorphic forest creatures loving and fighting - made an appearance onstage. I was certainly not the only audience member jumping around and dancing to the sheer fabulousness of it all.

If you ever get the chance to see him and his whole entourage perform, please do so. I have been visually impressed by concerts before, but never before Mika has a musician's concert vision so totally changed my perspective on the music!

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