Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Season Six!

Close on the heels of Jeanine's (disappointing) win of the last summer season of So You Think You Can Dance, the show's first fall season premiered last week. The format was much the same as it's been, the season starting with "open" auditions, last week's in Los Angeles, which were filmed during last season's "Top 20" weeks. It was wonderful to see tapping featured, as I think it is one of the great classic American dance styles, and (like most dance), considerably harder than it looks.

Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman were annoying as always, but I won't really have too much to say about the season until we get down to the top 20. I just wanted to check in and remind everyone that, for the next few weeks,

So You Think You Can Dance airs Wednesday nights on FOX at 9pm.

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