Thursday, October 1, 2009

Everybody loves a winner...

Last night's episode of Glee was a pretty fractured one for a show which has been easy to follow up until this point. With lead girl Rachel foregoing Glee Club for the school's production of Cabaret, she was isolated from the rest of the cast, and Jane Lynch was hardly in the episode at all. Mr. Schuester's pregnancy dramz took a backseat to Quinn's, and all of the new tertiary characters confused the flow of the story.

But if all of the hubbub was due to the show's writers scotch-taping the episode back together after realizing they'd snagged Kristin Chenoweth as a guest star, then who the hell cares! Kristin Chenoweth! For the Broadway musical obsessed "gleeks" watching the show, I'm sure this was all anyone could care about. Kristin Chenoweth! With Idina Menzel-lookalike Lea Michele! Well, we didn't get to hear any Wicked (an NBCU property - with Glee plugging Fox-owned MySpace every five minutes, it's hard to forget about the bidness behind it all), but we got Cabaret, and country music, and Heart, and most importantly - Queen! Oh joy of joys!

When Kristin and Lea had their intercut duet of "Maybe This Time," I couldn't help but tear up. Listening to such powerfully talented women do what so few people can, and just sing with all their might, gets me every time. I was applauding uncontrollably by the end of the song, and laughed when Kurt wiped his eyes after her performance, because the show was lampooning my exact reaction. The ensemble's closing performance of "Somebody to Love" was absolutely wonderful also, and the music without a doubt took center stage in the episode.

Hopefully the storylines get back on track next week. For now I am going to listen to musicals on my iPod, and laugh thinking about Kurt, drunk at school, calling Jayma Mays' Emma "Bambi" because of her big big eyes.

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G said...

It certainly wasn't the best episode so far but it still had a lot of magic. I give it three gold stars!