Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can I please talk about this again?

So, we all know that I hate Twilight. I wrote about it once before the movies came out and after I was convinced to read the first book in the series, and I wrote about it again just because I love hating stuff so I couldn't let it go (never let go).

But look, people. Twilight is awful. It is the worst. Please do not let your impressionable sons and daughters read this stuff. I remain incredulous when people ask me why I don't care for it, and while they're willing to accept my assertion that it's poorly written ("oh well it's written for teens" okay well how about stop pretending teens aren't smart and settling for terribly written religio-porn), they are stunned by my disappointment that it is a wildly successful franchise about misogyny that sets women back a few decades.

How can you people not see the anti-woman message dripping off of every page like so much deer blood off of a sullen 'vegetarian' vampire's twinkling fang? In the first movie, a scene lifted directly from the novel shows Edward ATTEMPTING TO RAPE BELLA and then blaming his lust on her because she is too much of a temptress! She is a weak-willed character with serious father issues who is allowed no independent agency over her life. Her decisions and self-identity are wholly wrapped up in the attentions and opinions of a couple of dangerous, possessive, and controlling men. Edward uses manipulative emotional tactics to force Bella to do what he wants, and he also tells her she's "not allowed" to so much as walk around outside without his permission (and preferably chaperoning).

Bella becomes so obsessed with Edward that she goes to the lengths of harming herself or putting herself in dangerous situations in order to get his attention. Also later he impregnates her with a TELEPATHIC HALF-VAMPIRE BABY that almost kills her from within and he has to give her a CESAREAN SECTION WITH HIS VAMPIRE TEETH and also the werewolf falls in love with the FETUS or whatever? I mean COME ON.

COME ON, America.


Anna said...

Hahahaha. This was fun to read. That is all.

Gretchen said...

For what it's worth, a lot of teen services librarians were concerned about their abusive relationship and wondered if they could use this book to open up a dialogue about healthy relationships with the girls who love the book.