Thursday, February 3, 2011

Watch this space!

I've recently been contacted by the staff of MediaBlvd Magazine, and asked to contribute movie reviews and other pieces to their site!  MediaBlvd is an online magazine with reviews of film, television, and books, opinion pieces on the entertainment world, and celebrity interviews.  The site also has some strong ties to the nerd community, with a lot of features on science fiction and other aspects of the geek zeitgeist.

I'll be cross-posting whatever I write for MediaBlvd on this blog, so stay tuned for my first article on the site, which will be an introductory rundown of my top 10 favorite movies (in no particular order).

I have to say that while I have occasionally taken time off from blogging in the years since I started doing this, it has remained a very enjoyable outlet, and I'm grateful to the staff of A Bright Wall in a Dark Room for expanding my readership to a broader audience.  I look forward to my continued opportunities to contribute to BWDR, and to those in my new capacity at MediaBlvd as well.


Frederic said...

We at MediaBlvd are thrilled to have you on board! Looking forward to your contributions!

Anna said...