Tuesday, July 24, 2007

trailer tuesday

I got pretty lazy with this one. Mmmeh.


I can't tell if this is already out, or what, but it looks awesome. Zombies, man...

Also apparently came out a few days ago, but looks like a really exciting reunion between Cillian Murphy and Danny Boyle. Also, Some of that good old-fashioned Requiem for a Dream music!

Death at a Funeral (August 17)
Dysfunctional British family! Black comedy! Ewen Bremner! Alan Tudyk! With a British accent! On acid! A homesexual LP!

Wall-E (June 2008)
I'm not really that into animated movies. This does bother me, because I feel like I won't let myself open up to a whole world of great movies. But all the ones that people LOVE never really stick with me. That said, I appreciate this concept of a movie without humans in the main action where the subjects don't actually talk!

There better be about a 20 minute sex scene between Sienna Miller and Steve Buscemi.

The Brothers Solomon
Will Arnett. Will Forte. Jenna Fischer. Kristen Wiig. Singing lawyer from Scrubs. Yes, please.

The Ten
Good cast, Wet Hot American Summer, etc etc etc. Whatever. The last 20 seconds of this trailer make it totally necessary.

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