Friday, September 24, 2010

Grey's Anatomy season 7 premiere

So I think I've written in the past about the intense break up I had with Grey's Anatomy back in 2007.  The show's second season was one of the strongest collective episodes of a series I've seen in a long time, but when the writers and actors stopped being able to handle the storylines they'd come up with by the end of the third season, they started writing the most ridiculously off-base character arcs, and I had to stop watching and sell my DVDs.  I still haven't seen season four, but when a sick day led me to catch up with season five online, I found myself back in the swing of watching.  Season six returned to a much better overall level of quality, and ended on an outstanding two-hour finale that rivaled season two episodes "Into You Like a Train" and "It's the End of the World"/"(As We Know It)."

The season seven premiere, though, has taken a dip from that high.  The psychiatric consultations were an interesting way to inform us how the characters have been in the month since the mass murder that they survived, but other aspects of the show were incredibly unrealistic.  Derek Shepherd (a.k.a. The Droopwaffel) (that's an inside joke) is on his feet and back to surgery four weeks after having been shot in the chest at close range, and is (obviously) back to his old hijinks of racing his fancy car around someplace with a lot of palm trees.  That was definitely a great use of screen time.  Didn't he used to be a simple guy, into fishing and living in a trailer?

Meredith is annoyed at him for getting arrested all the time, and won't come clean about her miscarriage, which is what's keeping the shrink from clearing her for surgery.  Meanwhile Cristina is getting married to Owen within one month of having been broken up, and it's clearly the healthiest marriage of time.  Two PTSD survivors hastily getting married because they're afraid to be alone!  So great.  And all the other characters are trying to deal with their PTSD too, and it's boring.  Though Chyler Leigh, as Lexie, is one of the most enjoyable actors to watch on Grey's these days.

We'll see if I keep Grey's in my weekly rotation this time around...if it becomes too boring to recap, then it should be too boring to watch.

Grey's Anatomy, 9pm Thursdays on ABC


Jamie said...

The Droopwaffel! Maybe if they put all the seasons on streaming netflix I'll catch up. I too had a break up with Grey's mid-season 4.

Anna said...

I'm a loyal Grey's fan and have never strayed despite the horrible plot lines (hated how George died/how Izzy survied her cancer - why???) but I agree that Lexi is the most real and relatable character on the show right now. Totes hate the Xtina/Owen thing. I kinda like/love the realness of the Caliope and Arizona relationship. And I love Mark Sloan (sloane?).

vagicle said...

Not gonna lie, I watch this show just for Kevin McKidd.