Thursday, September 23, 2010

Modern Family, season 2 premiere

The Dunphys are back!  With all the humor of Arrested Development and all the sweetness of Freaks and Geeks, this show has swept me off my feet.  If you somehow missed this show's first season, do yourself a favor and buy the DVD so that you can catch up and start watching the new season.

Backstory if you need it:
Mitchell and Claire are a tightly-wound brother and sister who share the same devotion to their families.  Their dad Jay and his new wife Gloria are raising Gloria's preteen son Manny, an adorably earnest Casanova-in-training.  Claire and her dopey husband Phil are parents to precocious teen Haley, intelligent daughter Alex, and enigmatic son Luke.  Mitchell and his partner Cam (a former Division I football player and classically trained Auguste clown) are parents to adorable baby Lily.

Last night's episode was the perfect example of what makes this show so great. It seems like the sweetness of Phil taking his family out for one last picnic in his busted old car before selling it, to make Claire feel better about the onward march of time, cannot be topped.  But then Gloria struggling with Manny choosing girls over company with his mother is so adorable!  And when Jay and Cam try to be sensitive to Mitchell's complete lack of skill when it comes to handiwork, it's so great.

For me the highlight of the episode was the scene between Phil and Claire when she gets upset about how the kids are growing up.  She apologizes for getting so upset, and Phil says, "Don't apologize, I love you when you're human."  Shortly afterwards they hug, and Claire can sense Phil getting distracted by the concept of time travel, so she gently says, "Phil, come back to me."  His quick glance back off into space just before the show cuts to commercial is just another perfect moment from Ty Burrell.

Modern Family, Wednesdays at 9pm on ABC

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