Monday, September 27, 2010

With tongue planted firmly in cheek...

So I was not able to hold true to my promise of liveblogging SyFy's latest made-for-TV movie Sharktopus, but I did enjoy watching it this weekend.  Sharktopus is a pretty awful low-budget comedy...thriller (?) that probably has little appeal for anyone other than fans of cheeky B-movies.  Which if you are, you probably already wanted to see Sharktopus because it is produced by Roger Corman, the Academy Award winner and "King of the B-movies."

I guess given the casting of Eric Roberts as the film's star, I was a little surprised by how low-budget this movie looked (should I have been?).  But I guess when you spend all your money on creating a CGI monster that is half-giant shark and half-octopus, it makes sense that the rest of the movie will look like it was filmed on someone's cellphone.  I guess my favorite part of the movie was the fact that the Sharktopus only killed out of anger, not even to eat its victims.

So if you're looking for a mindlessly entertaining and slightly gory movie to turn into a drinking game or something, check out Sharktopus, which will be airing repeats on SyFy over the next few weeks.

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