Sunday, August 16, 2009

Guest reviewer!

A special treat for you today! My dad saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this weekend while in Mexico, and he wrote me a short review, which I told him I'd post on his behalf. So please enjoy the succinct stylings of my pops:

Dad: Can I write my one paragraph H. Potter review for you?
Kat: Yes please.
Dad: This movie was made to suck money out of persons who enjoyed the previous ones... It smelled like ass, looked like ass, and was ass! That's my review!
Kat: Really! Wow.
Dad: And you can quote my ass!
Kat: I will.
Dad: The last Harry Potter movie that I saw with subtitles was when I was with you in Prague and the subtitles were in Czech... It was great! The Spanish subtitles that were on the movie I saw last night in Monterrey, Mexico were more exciting than the movie! What a bore!

So there you have it folks. Hopefully my dad will do some more guest reviewing in the future.

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Jono said...

I want your dad to do a review of District 9.