Monday, August 24, 2009

"I am the God who comes!"

True Blood spoiler alert for those not caught up!

To be perfectly honest, even last night's exciting episode set back in Bon temps could not get me that excited about the Maryann storyline. The episode opened with Sookie's imagined macking on Eric though, which was kind of cool, and ended with Bill endeavoring to save the day. Allow me for a second to ruminate on this love triangle. Bill is only exciting in flashbacks, really, but seeing him work together with Sookeh to help Tara (more on that later) made me feel that I hope they are not pulled apart by forces out of their control. If they break up because they're both super boring, then fine, but if they're wrenched apart unnaturally, that would be pretty sad.

Sookeh's powers seem to be more than she or anyone around her would have expected, as she managed to throw fancy light at Maryann. Then when she and Bill worked to get into Tara's mind and free her from Maryann's hold, she was really strengthening her abilities. I wonder if they're going to take her down the path of another friend of Tara, Buffy's Willow, who got too deep into harnessing her special powers and it almost destroyed her - and everyone around her. Ideally though it just turns into Rogue: The Series and we can all be happy about that.

As for the Maryann of it all...I don't know, I think it will be exciting when Bill convinces The Queen to send a vampire army to save the humans that so fear them. But the black-eyed townies running around like idiots is getting tiring. Also, I don't know why Sam couldn't shapeshift into a fly at any point during the ordeal. Jason packing heat and trying to be a hero was great though.

As for Jessica and Hoyt and Hoyt's deranged momma -- I am interested in seeing if Jessica ate her, or is gonna get sick from her poisoned blood, or what. And how Hoyt will react! Lafayette was great as always, especially when giving that bitchy college girl what for. He's my favorite.

True Blood airs Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO.

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