Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I really want to title this "Hawaii Five-No"

So, as I am endeavoring to do with a lot of the new shows this season, if I don't absolutely hate the pilot, but am not yet sold on the show, I will give it one or two more viewings to convince me.  This is why I watched the second episode of Hawaii Five-0 last night, but the experiment failed to convince me.

The plot of the episode had something to do with a man being used for his technological knowledge by the Serbian mafia.  I had pretty much decided that I was done with the show as soon as they tried to convincingly tell the audience that Honolulu police are actively fighting Serbian computer criminals.  Shouldn't they be tackling the serious ice addiction issues?

Then Grace Park has to go investigate at the victim's house, where his son is struggling with the attack on his father.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding the exact structure of the "task force," but what is a police academy student doing investigating crimes?  Does she even have a weapon?  When the victim's son is suffering from the shock of the day's events, Park's character offers to help, asking his mom, "Do you have a piece of paper?"  At that moment I thought, "If this lady is about to do origami, I will be done with this show for real."  Cut to: a paper crane.  Now, I am totally fine with race-blind casting, but what is this show doing with Park and Daniel Dae-Kim?  Are they supposed to be ethnically Hawaiian?  Japanese?  A combination of the two?  Both actors are of Korean descent, and while I know that people of any ethnicity could do origami, when her character references having to make 1,000 cranes for a family event, that skews Japanese, right?  Anyway, she ends up having to fight the wife of the initial victim, and they have the lamest slapfight ever.  I would have shouted, "You're a frakking Cylon!" at the television screen but uh...I didn't, because...that would be so lame.

By the end of the episode, I was still unclear about what Park's role was, as an academy student, and why her dishonorably discharged cousin (Dae Kim) was wearing a police uniform.  So no more Five-0 for me, but at least Martin Starr got a job out of it.

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vagicle said...

Is it wrong to keep watching this just for the generic Asian eye-candy?

Kat said...

I can't find fault in that!