Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big Mistake. Huge.

Last night's Gossip Girl was a pretty good one.  There wasn't too much of the dumb storyline with Nate's new girlfriend, and the Chuck/Eva storyline faded out nicely into a rebirth of the show's best hand: Chuck and Blair feuding once more.  I liked that Blair assumed that Chuck would shun Eva upon learning that she was a former sex worker.  It's like, have you ever met Chuck?  Anyway I think I'll just share with you the notes I made while I was watching the episode last night, as they don't really need much context:

- Every time Ed Westwick acts real hard it just makes me giggle.
- What's with this weird shaky cam they're using to film S and B in their shared bathroom?  Is this supposed to mimic a Gossip Girl livestream?
- Blair Waldorf would never refer to money as a "stack of hundys."
- Dan's new hairdo makes him look like Brandon Walsh after an unfortunate experiment with Soul Glo.
- I can't believe this is the first time GG has had a Hooker With a Heart of Gold storyline.
- "We have lots of skeletons in our closets... and we have mansions full of closets." thx n8
- I love that Blair is willing to let Serena take one for the team by slumming it with Dan in order to "save the world from an Abrams-Humphrey spawn."
- "That dress is just unfair" is the gayest thing for a man to say to a woman, shy of any Usher lyrics.
- Thank god that the climax of this episode includes a line from Chuck's manservant about shining Chuck's shoes.  It makes me think that they have the kind of relationship where Chuck is always reminding him, "When I get home in the middle of the night after my gala/benefit, you'd BETTER have my pointy-toed ankle boots shined!"

I am pretty pumped to see Chuck and Blair antagonizing each other again, so that gives me hope for the season, even if we have to put up with some useless machinations by prison dude and his bland sister.  My eyes completely glaze over when Vanessa's on screen, so she may or may not still being dating Dan, but whatever.

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