Friday, October 1, 2010

People try to put us down...

So now that I have watched two episodes, I can recognize that My Generation, which had my favorite pilot of the season, is a pretty flawed show.  That said, I like the sentimentality of it enough to want to keep watching.  Each episode reveals only a tiny bit more about each character, but it's just enough to make me curious about what is going to pan out for them as the season goes on.

There was a lot of focus on pregnant former-punk Dawn (Kelli Garner), who is struggling with the wrong turns her life has taken, and the pressure of expecting a baby while her husband Rolly (Mehcad Brooks - Eggs from True Blood) fights a war in the Middle East.  I am looking forward to the introduction of her younger brother, whom she raised since she was a teenager.

The storyline of Steven and Caroline and their prom-night-conceived son is both interesting and infuriating.  She didn't tell him about their son for ten years, but when he awkwardly struggles to adjust to his new role as a father, somehow he is portrayed as a bad guy.  I'd like to see this storyline take a positive turn.

So, I can see why a lot of people don't like this show.  It moves a bit slowly and relies on some heavy-handed insertion of real events to force relatability on the audience.  But I think if it takes a half-step back from the documentary format and just lets the characters breathe and interact as they would in a typical drama, this could turn into a memorable time capsule of a show.

My Generation, Thursdays at 8pm on ABC

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