Friday, October 1, 2010

Should I break up with this show again?

Goodness me, Grey's Anatomy picks up the pace for one strong season, and suddenly they're back to their old tricks.  When Kim Raver joined the show as Iraq War veteran and cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Teddy Altman, she was a cool new addition.  Now she's just as histrionic and pattering as all the other characters on this show.

The one thing I consistently get pleasure out of from this show is the portrayal of Cristina and Meredith's relationship.  Their bond is wholly believable, and it's so nice to see a great female friendship that is supportive, loving, and understanding.  No matter what happens in these characters' lives, what men they get involved with or what surgeries they get to attend, they have each other as soul mates.  To a lesser extent, the friendship between Mark and Callie is satisfying in the same way.

In any event, I am completely ambivalent about this show right now and am wondering if it was worth going back to in the first place.

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Anna said...

After this episode I literally said "I need a Christina. Or a Meredith. I need a person." I also really enjoy Mark's character and his relationship with Callie?
Why do you have to break up with it? Or be it's biggest fan? That's what's wonderful about everything being online now - you can choose to watch it or not, whenever you want...